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“Excellent grilled balls of carefully selected domestic Wagyu beef”

A delicious combination of flavorful soy sauce-grilled rice balls, domestic Wagyu beef yakiniku, fresh lettuce, and fragrant white onions. Japanese tradition and fresh ideas are in perfect harmony, and the flavor that spreads in your mouth is impressive with just one bite. The flavor of Wagyu beef and the aroma of grilled rice balls will stimulate your appetite. Please enjoy the luxury of Japanese Wagyu beef and the deliciousness of grilled rice balls.

Allergies: soy, wheat, beef, sesame

“Rich Miso Grilled Domestic Brand Pork Balls”

A delicious combination of juicy miso-grilled pork, fresh lettuce, and crunchy onion slices inside a flavorful miso-grilled rice ball. The taste of Japanese tradition that spreads in your mouth is exquisite. The deliciousness of the pork and the deep flavor of the miso will whet your appetite. This luxurious item also makes a great gift. Please enjoy the taste that is worth trying once.

Allergies: Eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans, wheat,
bananas, pork, apples

“Grilled tartar and sweet and spicy chicken balls made with plenty of domestic ingredients”

A luxurious dish with soy sauce-flavored grilled rice balls sandwiched with chicken seasoned with sweet and spicy sauce, fresh lettuce, and crispy onion slices, and topped with tartar sauce made with domestic onions and eggs. Enjoy the taste that will whet your appetite.

Allergies: soybean, wheat, chicken, egg

“Slowly grilled salmon cheddar grilled balls”

Flavorful miso-grilled rice balls are skillfully combined with golden brown salmon, fresh shiso leaves, and melted cheddar cheese to create a masterpiece with a sparkling aroma of sesame seeds. The flavor of salmon and the creaminess of cheese will stimulate your appetite. Once you take a bite, you will be captivated by its deliciousness.

Allergies: salmon, eggs, milk ingredients, soybeans,
wheat, sesame

“DASHI CHAZUKE ~The scent of Kyoto soup stock~”
“DASHI CHAZUKE~rice soaked in dashi soup~”

The finest dashi chazuke is made by pouring Kyoto’s dashi soup over grilled rice balls to enjoy the gentle flavor and deep umami. The gentleness of the soup stock and the aroma of the rice balls are in perfect harmony, and the chopped seaweed, arare, and wasabi enhance the flavor. This is a masterpiece that combines Japanese tradition and new ideas, allowing you to enjoy the atmosphere and taste of Kyoto.

Allergies: soybean, wheat, egg, milk ingredients


A luxurious dish made with grilled rice balls sandwiched with the highest quality Wagyu Yakiniku, luxurious sea urchin, salmon roe, abalone, and fragrant perilla leaves wrapped in grilled seaweed. The fusion of high-quality ingredients and tradition will leave you with an overwhelming taste. Perfect as a gift or special meal. Enjoy the pinnacle of Japanese gastronomic culture.

Allergies: soybean, wheat, egg, milk ingredients, beef, sesame, sea urchin, salmon roe, abalone